I am a committed representational painter equally interested in the traditions of figure painting, portraiture, and landscape. My ongoing project encompasses cameo, double portrait, and group paintings based on family photos; traditional, emotive, and interpretive portraiture; and landscapes documenting exterior terrain and exploring interior landscape -- reflecting (on) the world as it is and imagining the world as it might be.

Considered together, these genre and their eponymous sets of subject matter problematize and celebrate the relationship between individual and environment. To that end, I argue that our physical bodies and our respective physical environments simultaneously prefigure, embody, and reflect the lived -- and often contradictory -- reality of our individual and collective lives. My work positions itself to codify and illuminate that reality.

I have been leading art workshops to France "for artists and art lovers," since May 2014. Please check back in September 2021 for information on post-pandemic trips.

In the meantime, you are welcome to contact me at any time for more information; to arrange a studio visit; or to inquire about private art instruction, a purchase, or a commission.

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