2019 Workshop in France

Still Light in Normandy, Oil painting by Terry Plater, 2016

2019 Workshop in France

Paris and the Ile de France
Workshop and Retreat for Artists and Art Lovers
Spring 2019
Organized and led by Terry Plater
(For more information send an email to tdp3@cornell.edu)

Planning is now underway for the fifth painting workshop to France for artists and art lovers. This 10-day workshop will accommodate a maximum of seven participants. Participants will be housed in a classically French country home on the outskirts of Paris, close to regional rail lines which facilitate easy excursions into the “City of Light.”

Program Overview. The program provides 20 hours of dedicated art instruction, guidance, or independent work time. Painters working in oils, acrylics, water colors, or pastels can explore new places, experiment with fresh themes, or simply work quietly and carefully in historic, exciting, and inspiring settings. Art instruction will be focused on both teaching and polishing techniques while giving individual attention to the goals and wishes of the participants in both making and viewing art. Lessons and guidance are designed to complement visits to the special exhibitions on view during our stay.

For art lovers too. Partners, spouses, and friends are welcome with the understanding that the instructor’s availability will be limited during time scheduled for participant art instruction. Artists will have time to paint most mornings; afternoons and four full days will be reserved for visiting museums, cultural sites, local villages and contemporary neighborhoods in and around Paris. Partners, spouses, and friends will be included in all of the museum visits and other cultural excursions in the neighboring towns and villages and in Paris. A full syllabus and itinerary, developed in part with the input of the participants, will be made available early in 2019.

Program Cost. The per person estimate for the 2019 program is $3500.00. In addition to accommodation and art instruction, the fee includes all programmed meals prepared by our personal chef, transportation and entry fees to all programmed activities, and personalized tour and cultural advice. No refunds can be made for programmed but unutilized services or offerings.

Program estimate: $3500/person covering:
• Pick-up and drop-off upon arrival/departure at the nearest commuter train station
• Housing (ten days/nine nights)
• All on-site / group meals (omnivore and vegetarian meal options only; hot beverages and “vin de table” included), prepared by our private chef
• Transportation by car if/as required by the program for excursions
• Three-day unlimited metro and bus pass for Paris and the regional rail region
• A tour of Montmartre and the surrounding area including a visit to the Musee Montmartre
• Group visits to the Musee d'Orsay and the Orangerie (early through late Impressionism), the Musee Rodin (great sketching opportunities), and the Picasso Museum
• Regional day trips TBD
• Full information on plein air painting materials, air travel regulations for artists, and purchase of art supplies and equipment -- including what to buy and where in the US or in Paris (provided upon registration)
• A reading list on French history, popular culture, art history, and the literature of art
• A daily itinerary and information on museums and exhibits scheduled for Spring 2019
• Information on credit card, phone and internet use; health and safety; and related essentials
• General how-to information on “getting around and getting on” in France
• A pre-departure group brunch and meeting, hosted by Terry Plater
• A pre-departure wine tasting at Ports of New York Winery, Ithaca, owned by French vintner Frederic Bouche
• A post-program exhibit of artwork and photos developed from the work done during the trip details TBD

Not included in the program fee are the costs of:
• Transportation to and from Paris, and regional rail fare to the site
• Medical Insurance (required)
• Travel insurance (required)
• Museum pass or entry fees to museums of personal choice not on the agenda
• Meals and drinks of personal choice not included in the program
• Art supplies
• Passport fees and other personal expenses

In addition to accommodation and art instruction, the fee includes full access to the house and use of all its amenities, all programmed meals prepared by our personal chef, transportation and admission to all programmed activities, and personalized tour and cultural advice. No refunds can be made for programmed but unutilized services or offerings.

Participants will benefit from working with a professional painter and fellow artists in a supportive and inspiring environment, combining the benefits of an art residency (focused on private work and personal development) and an instructed workshop (communal learning). New and experienced participants can investigate the peculiarities of color, light, and composition in traditional and contemporary environments. Work will alternate between days on site (in the countryside and in the nearby village) and days in Paris. In Paris, we will also visit museums and galleries, cultural sites, and neighborhoods (such as the Latin Quarter, the “Little Africa,” and Chinatown) on both guided and independent visits. Time will be reserved for visits to important and inspirational sites in the region and in Paris proper. A pre-trip orientation meeting will help participants plan their trips, and select and prepare art supplies. At that time we will also discuss dietary needs and preferences, and accessibility concerns. A list of suggested readings will be provided.

Terry Plater is well known in Ithaca, widely-travelled in general, and knows France well having visited there many times since her first visit in 1979. Holding graduate degrees in architecture and city planning, she designed and taught a Paris-based, graduate school class for architecture students in 1991. She has led academic trips to other countries as well -- India and Thailand-- in recent years, and is skilled in keeping travelers safe and cared for as well as inspired. Five years ago she inaugurated the workshop and retreat for artists and art lovers by organizing a successful, seven day pilot trip to the south of France. Twenty five artists and art lovers have made this trip since then.

Terry Plater says: “While keenly aware of the wealth of beauty and history to be found in France and in Paris, I am equally intrigued by the intersection of equity and aesthetics; consequently, my interest is also to shine light on critical issues evident in contemporary French life, to demonstrate how earlier artists such as Courbet and Daumier treated challenging or overlooked subjects in their art, and to investigate the ways in which contemporary French of all backgrounds artists are doing the same.

I am comfortable – and happy -- teaching painting and drawing at all age and ability levels. My skill as a teacher draws on my facility with a number of media and my broad knowledge of art historical precedents and trends, as well as my ability to appreciate a student’s strengths, develop his or her weaker areas, and understand how to help all students meet their stated goals. In Paris I will pay special attention to presenting and interpreting “artists’ France” for the benefit of the 21st century artist.”

Terry Plater is a lifelong painter of the portrait, figure and landscape. Her work can be viewed at www.terryplater.com